Invisible foes

As a mother, your natural instinct is to protect your children any way you can. You are willing to fight off anything to keep your babies safe and happy. Today my son is ill and I feel a little helpless as I cannot fight these germs making my little four year old ill. All I can do is keep him off nursery, keep him cool, hydrated and give him medicine. Although I am not physically fighting anything, in my own way I am fighting. By nurturing my little boy I am helping him slowly but surely get better. By sitting there, cuddling him until he falls asleep I am helping my little munchkin’s body fight it by itself. The invisible foe is vanquished simply by the nurturing and looking after the one being attacked. Thinking about this made me think about how this is true for me as well.

As you might know I suffer from post-natal depression (PND) and have done since the birth of my 6 month old baby. Although I may not be able to shoot at or punch the PND which fogs up my mind and claws at me daily I can fight it by looking after the person being attacked, myself. I can be patient with myself when I am not doing as well as I want to. I can take myself out to do things I used to love hoping to bring back the sense of enjoyment. I can look at myself in the mirror and tell myself that I am beautiful and a good mum to my two angels. I can take my medication which takes the edge of the negativity. And in any way show myself self-love in hopes that by doing so the PND will lose its grip and one day, some day I will be rid of this invisible foe.

Much love,



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