Explanation behind ‘I miss me too’

I feel like my previous post needs a bit of explaining. I know it has much more of a dark tone to it whereas my other posts are normally much more positive. I apologise if it brought out any bad feelings but I will not apologise for writing it in the first place. I feel like as much as it is important for me to be positive on here, it is also important for me to be real and honest. I feel like we cannot truly have awareness of mental health issues until we see the darker side to them. PND is definitely not puppy dogs and rainbows. It is a dark period of your life when sometimes coping becomes very difficult. I am currently in that period of my life and would like to be transparent in how it really is. I feel like I must say as to the feeling like I’d be better off dead, it is not an everyday occurrence but it is a real fact of PND for many people. I am not at serious risk and my children are safe. It took a lot for me to show that part of PND and I wish to thank you for taking the time to read about that part of my life and being respectful. A positive post should be coming soon. Thank you for your patience.

Much love,



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