Break it down

Often I feel like with my depression and the anxious thoughts racing through my head that it is so easy for me to feel overwhelmed. I feel like I have a hundred things to do and not enough time. It’s so easy to just sit there doing none of them worrying about how in the world I will ever get them done. I found that even recently with my university assignments. I had two to do but even with getting one out the way I just sat and stared at my second in horror. I looked at the number of words I had to do…3700!! And looked at the questions which made as much sense as the gibberish my daughter used to come out with. But then I remembered the best piece of advice I was given. “Break it down. Just pick ONE thing and do that.”

It seems so simple but when your head is all over the place everything seems so complicated, even if it’s not. Sometimes it takes just one person stating the obvious for your brain to click and go “Oh yeah. Okay. I can do that.” And trust me it works. I have not finished my second assignment but I am slowly plodding through it and actually finding it fairly easy. Sometimes starting is the hardest part. And sometimes we need those around us to remind us of things our brain seems to forget while it is filled with racing thoughts.

So if you feel like your brain is going to explode with all the tasks you have to do then just pick one and start it. The rest will be there when you’re done and at least you will actually be getting them done instead of just panicking. Sometimes lists can be helpful where you can write them out and prioritise them. Then start on number one and sometimes just working methodically through can be calming for you. Don’t stress. Just break it down.

Much love,



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